The John Muir Service Award (JMSA)

The John Muir Service Award (JMSA) is the highest honor our school confers. Recognition is given to those seniors who have responded to the needs of the school by being reliable, dependable and willing to help throughout their four years within the Muir Community. Please nominate yourself if you have voluntarily provided effective and positive aid to the physical and sociological betterment of the Muir Community. Service is defined as: Constructive action beyond duty (obligation, grade requirement) rendered selflessly and voluntarily, not for the social distinction or privilege, but for the sole reason of benefiting the general Muir Community. Fill out the Form and attach any documents (awards, letters of rec, transcript, copies of certificates, service hours, etc...) you would like to demonstrate your level of service. Please turn these in by ASAP.  Deadline has passed.  We are voting on Thursday, May 14, 2015