Free Masonry Essay Contest

Free Masonry Essay Contest

 What role have the Free Masons played in human society throughout history? Do you think they are still relevant today?


1.         Electronic submission only, in Microsoft Word or PDF, not exceeding  1500 words.

 2.         Please include your name, grade, school name, and Contact information for notification.

 3.         You must be a student attending a Pasadena Unified School District high school  to participate.

 All winners will be invited to the award dinner during our Public Schools  Event Night on  04/13/2016.

        JUDGING CRITERIA The essays will be evaluated by members of Wisdom Lodge, based on originality of  ideas, thoroughness, quality of composition, and clarity of expression.  (Note: All decisions by thejudges are final.)

DEADLINE   Submit your essay by 02/29/2016 to


Due in March