Welcome 2020

Hello Scholars,

Thank you for all your well wishes and kind thoughts last week as I underwent an emergency apendectomy. Your kindness and patience was much appreciated.

As requested per our district, and for consistency across curiculums, we are moving forward with the PowerSchool Learning platform.


Please be sure to go to PowerSchool Learning classes for a schedule of weekly assignments & announcements. 

Classes on PSL are as titled:

Ms. Martinez English 2019-2020

Ms. Marinez History 2019-2020

Ms. Martinez ELD 2019-2020


Live Meets are also posted with a code and link on PSL


9:00-9:35       Period 2 ELA

10:30-11:05   Period 6 ELD


9:00-9:35      Period 1 US History

9:45-10:20    Period 3 ELA

10:30-11:05  Period 5 US History


Please email Ms. Martinez or Ms. Leja with any questions or concerns