Webster Family Check-in 3/19/20

March 19, 2020 Webster Family Check-in:
This is Mrs. Forrest checking in to see how you are all doing? Almost everyone has their Chromebook and charger at home. If you still don't have this, please come tomorrow between 8am and 11am to pick it up. Please use the double doors by the staff parking lot.

Please make sure that in addition to doing schoolwork, students also have the opportunity to take breaks, go on walks, do puzzles, and play.

I am working at Webster each day. All teachers and I had a remote staff meeting online yesterday. The teachers are working hard to create great PowerSchool Learning classes for students to access.

Our amazing custodians are here at Webster too! They are doing a deep cleaning of the entire school.

If you have any questions or concerns about curriculum, please reach out to your classroom teachers. Their emails are on our school website at www.pusd.us/webster under the About Our School tab, then under staff directory.

Hope you are all well and don't forget that tomorrow is a pupil free day!