Are field trip chaperones required to get clearance?

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All field trip chaperones are required to get checked on the MEGAN'S LAW database, which is done by the Community Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator at the school site.

The majority of chaperones for day field trips are NOT required to get fingerprint clearance (Level 2).  Level 1 Volunteer Clearance is sufficient for a daytime field trip as long as the volunteer is supervised by a teacher at all times. 

Volunteers attending an overnight field trip are required to obtain child safety clearance via our fingerprint process (Level 2). The community assistant/volunteer coordinator will authorize volunteers for fingerprinting by submitting a request to our Family & Community Engagement Office. Once we have the authorization from the school site, we will contact the volunteer to set up an appointment.  

No appointments can be scheduled without prior authorization from the school site. We do not take walk-ins for LiveScans.  You must have an appointment set up with the office staff before coming in for a LiveScan for Level 2 Clearance.