Sunday Night Call Week of 8-9-21

Good Evening Sierra Madre Parents & Students, this is Mr. Newsom with some important information about the upcoming week at our middle school.

Welcome Back to School Event: Wednesday, August 11
This Wednesday night, we will be hosting a modified Welcome Back to School Event from 5:00-6:45pm.  Students and Parents will have the opportunity to practice entering campus via their grade level specific gate and visit information tables to receive their class schedule (available online as well) and learn more about SMMS programs and events.  It will also be an excellent opportunity to tour the campus and locations of the classrooms in your daily schedule.

First Day of School: Thursday, August 12
This Thursday is the first day of school, beginning at 8:15am  Please note, that in accordance with California Senate Bill 328, all PUSD middle schools will now have the same daily bell schedule. 

  • Monday 8:15am – 1:25pm
  • Tuesday-Friday 8:15am – 3:05pm

COVID-19 Safety Plan
While we are reopening at full capacity this fall, we will also be following strict protocols to ensure the ongoing safety of our students and staff.  This will include the requirement to wear a mask indoors at all times, and outdoors when social distancing is not a possibility.  Our District’s COVID-19 Safety Plan is attached for your review as well as a document addressing SMMS Reopening FAQs.

LCFF Household Income Survey
Please make certain to complete the LCFF Household Income Survey, as this will help to ensure that our school receives all of the state and federal funds for which it qualifies. Parents may submit this form one of two ways.

  • Complete the household income form as part of the data confirmation in parent portal at the start of the current school year
  • Visit to complete the form.

PasadenaLEARNS After School Program
PasadenaLEARNs After School Program is the perfect place for students to have fun, make new friends, and learn new things! Students connect with caring, supportive staff who believe every child has the potential to do amazing things! Conveniently located on PUSD campuses, PasadenaLEARNs offers a variety of great activities such as sewing, cooking, hands-on science, visual/performing arts, computer coding, graphic design, tennis, karate, homework help, sports, and more!  Applications are available in the main office or LEARNs office at your school and on the LEARNs website at

School Website, Facebook & Canvas Pages
For information about all of these events and more, please be certain to visit our school website at and like us on Facebook as well.  For additional information and updates to support a successful middle school experience you can also go to our SMMS Parents and SMMS Students page.  If you need permission to access please email

Have a wonderful evening, and we look forward to seeing you this week.

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