What happens after I take the examination?

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You will be notified by email of the examination results. PUSD is looking for the highest qualified applicants. Pass/fail determinations and the final score will be based on attaining the pass point and higher in all phases and a minimum score of 70% resulting from the overall evaluation/examination.

If you pass the evaluation/examination, you will be placed on an eligible list in order of your final score. Qualified candidates may then be referred to PUSD divisions and departments as vacancies occur.

If you receive notice that you are not successful in the process, don't be discouraged. All classified PUSD selection processes are highly competitive. Try again.

The divisions and departments review application materials for those candidates certified/referred from the top 8 scores plus any employee transfer requests for their vacancy and then they schedule the selection interviews.

The divisions and departments can hire any certified eligible candidates who they believe is the best qualified for the vacancy.