What should I do if I am called for a selection interview?

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Be sure that you know the:

time and place you should appear for the interview

phone number (important if you can't make it or an emergency occurs)

name of the person who contacted you

to whom you should report for the interview

how long the interview is scheduled to take; and

the job for which you are being considered

Since an eligible list may be used by more than one division or department or school, the Classified Personnel Department may not know who contacted you. It is important that you get the above information when contacted. If you may need a reasonable accommodation in the interview, request it prior to the interview. Before the interview, review your application or resume and the job announcement. Be prepared to discuss how your training and/or work experience relates to the job for which you are interviewing. During the interview, listen carefully to the questions. Your answers should cover everything your interviewer needs to know to evaluate you fairly.