Covid 19 Testing on Campus - Click here for Information

Dear SMMS Parents & Students,

The following is some important information regarding weekly COVID Testing at SMMS


What kind of COVID-19 test is given?

The COVID-19 test is a nasal swab PCR test that the students can self-administer under the supervision of a PUSD nurse.  Testing materials are provided by Valencia Lab and results will be received within 24-48 hours.

Who will be tested?

Students with informed consent will be tested.  Any interested staff can be tested.

How can parents give informed consent?

Parents can provide informed consent through two ways:

What do parents and staff need to do prior to testing?

We encourage parents and staff to register with the COLOR system prior to arriving for testing. If the student or staff member has tested with PUSD before, they will not have to register again.

To register for COVID-19 testing, please use this link:

The COVID-19 Response Team will also bring posters of the QR code that connects directly to the testing link.

When does the COVID-19 Response Team come to my school?

Multiple COVID-19 Response Team members are organized to go to each school one time per week.  As resources increase, teams will begin to go to each site for more than one scheduled visit. 

Testing will take place at SMMS on Fridays from 7:45am - 3:30pm