PUSD Internships for 11th graders- Due before March 17


Are you looking for work experience? Want to make connections with local industry professionals? Want a resume/college application booster? This is the program for you! PUSD's Summer Internship Application is now open! Apply HERE
Here are some reminders: 
  • Application is due by March 17th at 11:59pm
  • This program is for junior PUSD students in a career pathway/academy only 
  • You MUST upload a PDF of your resume AND parent/guardian form to the application (the form is attached) 
  • The application will time out and not submit properly if you spend too much time on it! Make sure to have all necessary documents at the time you work on the form so no issues arise.
  • AEM interviews will be March 24th during school
  • EESA and BE interviews will be April 12th after school 
  • 60 hours are required in order to successfully complete the program and receive $$$, in addition to orientation, training, and internship course (online or dual enrollment option)
If you have any questions, please let me know--I'm in the College and Career Center :)
Miss Connie 
Consuelo Martinez 
College and Career Advisor