Society of Science Research Assistant

Society of Science Research Assistant
The society for science: 
is supporting a student who typically is under-represented in STEM and who is interested in environmental science/social Justice. 
The student would work one day a week on Saturdays 9-2 pm with Angel Pinedo Director & his Arroyo Seco team; to learn how to collect & analyze data on Trout at the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena. 
Commitment & Payment: 
The scientist can meet virtually with Ms. Oliu, both parent & student to agree to the terms of the one year commitment. The research would be conducted September 2022 through May 2023. It is a school year commitment. 
The student will be paid $200 in September to start; and $100 every month thereafter until May 2023:
Please nominate yourself if you can complete the entire academic year commitment.. We are not accepting one month experiences. This placement is for one student only, first come first served basis. 
- See Dr G or Ms Oliu if interested

Mentor Scientist Grant_Arroyo Seco Foundation - Google Docs.pdf