Clubs on Campus and when they meet

Club Logistics

Club Logistics

Generation Green - Every Tuesday during lunch in Ms. Lake's Room G226.

Special Ed Club - Meetings are as needed in Ms. Suarez' room K603.

Class of 2025 - Every Tuesday during lunch in Ms. Cheng's Room A170

Club Interact - First Wednesday of every month during lunch in Ms. Stechel's Room A184

GSA Club - Meet Wednesdays at lunch in Mr. Vines Room A136

626 Film Club - Every Wednesday at lunch in Mr. Solis' Room E524

Fashion Club - After school on Fridays in Ms. Tucker's Room A126

Journalism Club/4th Period - Ms. Tucker's Room A126

Girls Group - Every Thursday during lunch in the Wellness Center

Design Lab Club - Every Friday after school in the Library. Open during lunch daily.

Class of 2024 - Every Wednesday during lunch in Mr. Van Hoorebeke's Room K653