Health Professionals Internship - Due Sept 16, 2022

GMHHC will offer an internship to selected John Muir High School students with a broad
overview and exposure to healthcare fields and healthcare professions. Duringthis yearlong
program,studentswillbeon-siteat thehospitalfora threehour block of timeperweek.Students can
expect the following:

Mentorship, Dept Rotations, Labs and Networking, and a Final Project.  As a result of this internship, students will have a basic understanding of the
variety of healthcare professions that work together to ensure safe,
compassionate, patient-centered care in the hospital setting. Students will
be able to articulate a basic understanding of the variety of clinical, ancillary,
and administrative areas that comprise hospital operations.

Attached is the application and a flyer.

GMH Internship Flyer

PUSD Health Prof Internship Application 2022-2023