Do you live or work in Sierra Madre? Sierra Madre Civic Club - Due April 7

Sierra Madre Civic Club is pleased once again to invite local high school seniors who
plan to attend a trade school or college to apply for an Educational Award. To qualify
for consideration, an applicant must meet one of the following criteria:

 Reside in Sierra Madre, or
 Work in Sierra Madre, or
 Attend school in Sierra Madre

Please make this opportunity known to any eligible students, and share with any
appropriate colleagues. SEE Dr. GOnzalez for the application.

The completed application must be received preferably by email, or by USPS mail or
hand delivery to the address below no later than Friday, April 7. Contact me if I can
clarify anything about the application or the Award. Please make sure the candidates
you recommend are qualified to apply. We ask that each letter of recommendation be
an individual effort.

Thank you for making this opportunity known to your students.