The Sierra Madre Woman’s Club- Due March 22, 2023

The Sierra Madre Woman’s Club is looking for students who have:
 A spirit of service, altruism and volunteerism
 Maintained a GPA of 3.5 or higher
 Taken rigorous classes (AP/Honors)
 Shows leadership potential
 Participated in Extra Curricular activities such as music, art, drama, chorus, or sports
The Application included in this packet must be filled out completely and legibly and
must include the following:
1. A one-page student essay of Introduction (essay 1 of 2), including student’s extra-
curricular activities, volunteer service, sports, etc
2. A one-page essay on “How This Scholarship Will Affect Your College Plans” (essay 2 of 2),
including demonstrating financial need, if any.
3. At least one letter of recommendation from the high school principal, counselor,
teacher and/or a community leader
4. An official transcript of the student’s grades (weighted and unweighted GPA)
provided by the school in a sealed envelope
5. Verification of legal residency in the United States
All applications and accompanying paperwork must be received by the Scholarship
Chair at the address listed on the application by Saturday, MARCH 25, 2023. Any
questions should be directed to Beth Copti, our Scholarship Chair (contact information
is at the bottom of the scholarship application form).
Beth Copti
Scholarship Chairperson
Sierra Madre Woman’s Club


SMWC Scholarship Application 2023.docx