Spirit of 1970 John Muir Scholarship - Due April 27

Criteria for the Spirit Scholarship 

The John Muir High School (JMHS) Spirit Class of 1970 will award two scholarships in the amount of $500 each, to those  students that live and embrace the Spiritof John Muir High. One male and one female will be selected from the senior  class that plan to further their education following commencement. Students must have performed well academically  AND have demonstrated the unique spirit of life, friendship, acceptance of others and that intangible feeling of “Mustang  Pride!”  

Students with the desire to receive this scholarship will submit a 300 to 500-word essay on the theme: “WHAT THE SPIRIT  OF JOHN MUIR HIGH SCHOOL MEANS TO ME”. The Spirit of John Muir is deeply rooted in the diversity of those that  attend and work on campus. The Spirit of John Muir goes beyond mere acceptance of fellow students that may not look,  think, or sound like you, but embrace the differences and work together to celebrate life at Muir. The Spirit of John Muir is respect for the school, others around you and most of all, respect for yourself which is exhibited by striving to be the  best you can be. The Spirit of John Muir is the beat of that famous drumline, the winning of an athletic competition and  most importantly, excelling in academics.  

Alternatively, students may submit a video presentation, approximately 3-5 minutes in length and should be  accompanied by a one-page outline on the theme as described above. If you choose to submit a video, note that there  should be no special effects, music, graphics, titles or postproduction work, just you speaking to the camera. Simply  introduce yourself, state your student ID number and tell us how you have lived, The Spirit of John Muir

All submissions will become the permanent property of the JMHS Spirit Class of 1970 and therefore will not be returned. 

Our Expectations of You 

This being a subjective theme, the essay will be judged on the sincerity of the paper (or video if submitted), the personal  feelings conveyed and the ability to express those thoughts in the presentation. Be mindful that we are looking at your  overall presentation and will evaluate your submission in the following areas: 

Quality & Development of Ideas Style or Voice 

Organization & Structure Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 

Academic Achievement/Performance 

We are interested in your overall academic performance as reported by your school counselor (this will be verified). You  must have maintained a 2.0 GPA (C grade) or better throughout your high school years and your citizenship must have  been satisfactory or better, as well. 

Tell us about your extracurricular activities in the Muir community. We are not looking for the number of activities, but  the variety, balance, depth, and overall significance of these activities. 

Student Check List 

Before you submit your application, be sure that you have everything required: 

The completed portion of the Application for you and your parent 

Essay on “What The Spirit Of John Muir High School Means To Me” 

Documentation describing your extracurricular activities 

Your video and one-page outline, if you created one 

Submit all on or before Thursday, April 27, 2023, to your school counselor, as noted in the STUDENT section of the application


2023 Spirit Scholarship Criteria and Application.pdf