PUSD and ACSA Region 15 High School Oratory Contest - Due before Dec 19, 2022

ACSA Region 15

High School Oratory Contest


In a speech no longer than 3 minutes, please address this year’s ACSA Region 15’s theme: "Find Your Light.”


When there is light, we can see things clearly. Purpose, guide, compass or inspiration can be seen as light. When we have a purpose or guide, we feel alive to do what we want to do. Each of us has light inside of us. If our light dims, we feel lost or stagnant. We need to take care of the light that shines brightly within us. Only then will we be strong enough to shine through the dark challenging times in our lives. We all have a story to tell about how we found our light or how we continue to work towards finding our light. What is your light? What is your Story? How do you use your light to inspire others? Share your own story by reflecting on the following questions:

 ·        What does light represent in education?

·        How can the idea of finding your light be used to encourage students and leaders to continue learning and improving?

·        How can educational leaders help students tell their story through finding their own light in life?

·        How can we, as educational leaders, be a driving force in helping students identify their light and use their voice for student leadership?



Please submit a speech to Dr. Gonzalez by December 22nd. 

Muir's representative will be picked in January, but speeches should be turned in before Dec 22.

Winners from each PUSD High School will go on to compete at the district level on February 2nd @ 6:00p.m at Willard Elementary

The district level winner will receive a $300 scholarship, represent PUSD at ACSA Competition, and compete for an additional scholarship.

Six $800 Scholarships Awarded to the winners of the ACSA Level Competition in March.

 See Dr. Gonzalez if you are interested


Please email brambila.maricela@pusd.us or bugarin.merle@pusd.us, if you have any questions.


Copy of HS Oratory Contest Rubric.docx.pdf


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