Summer volunteer opportunities with Altadena Town Council member Nic Arnzen
June 11th 1st annual Pride Celebration needs volunteers of all kinds
June 18th Juneteenth Celebration also need volunteers
Please be sure to note those and encourage students to help fill them.  They are included on this weeks list.  The list is long, I just wanted to be specific so they could see there are loads of opportunities, something to fit anyones interest or skill level.
*Juneteenth Celebration, June 18th 
-Set up, support crew, and breakdown (shifts available throughout the day)
*1st Annual Altadena Pride Walkabout and Celebration
Prior to Event Opportunities:
-Flag distribution (to some homes and shut ins unable to pick them up)
-Poster and flyer distribution
-Flyer/poster image graphic designers (need two more images)
-Press release follow up and pushing for stories and more press coverage prior to and day of
-Program designer 
-Refreshment contributions coordinator
-Massive Pride Lego Art work building helpers
-Pride artwork for display
-Performers of all kind for closing event display
Day of Event Volunteer Opportunities:
-Opening event support crew  
-Walking guides/cheer crew
-Closing event supervisor/assistance
-Closing event support crew
-If you have a particular skill to lend to the walk and help make it a tour (Pride trivia, historical knowledge of houses along Mariposa, nature buff who knows trees and bird type, or anything that might be of interest to others walking, let me know)
-Speaker/Performer Scheduler and Coordinator
*Town Council Volunteer Opportunities
-Resident Survey Data Worker
-Community Areas Of Concern Scout
-Town Hall Meetings Coordinator
-In Person Event Assistant
-Community Calendar Updates
-Council Event Appearance Opportunities Coordinator
-Council Member Interview Project (this includes an opportunity for publication in a local magazine)
-Local Organization Listing Data Prep