PCC summer bridge pay $1500 - Due April 15

I have attached a flyer for a summer bridge program  at PCC this year. Starting July students will meet to work on Math in the morning and then work in a PCC lab in the afternoon. Students get a stipend of $1,500.
The only requirement is they need to be eligible to take Math 3 (College Algebra) in the Fall 2022 semester at PCC (so the student should have completed at least Muir's Math 3). The Bridge will then transfer students into a STEM cohort and MBT research program where they can get more stipends ($3,000) and at the end be eligible to apply for a summer internship. In total students could get about $10,000 for the year, a chance to do research and a summer internship at places like JPL or Sandia National Lab. Pretty good deal.
The problem is we are going to lose it all because we can't get students to apply.  If we get 10 it will be on, anything less and it is a no-go. Maximum is about 20. We really need to get students to apply by April 15 if possible. Thanks.