The John Muir Scholarship (ongoing). Used for 7 scholarships- Extended to April 22, 2022

Here is the John Muir Scholarship Application which includes everything in the brag sheet plus a few more items (letters of rec, transcripts, service hours, etc...)
It is in a word document, so you will have to adjust it to look presentable

John Muir

2021-2022 Scholarship Application

1905 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

626 396 5600


Eligibility: This scholarship is available to seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence or progress and school involvement.



                        Last                                         First                             Middle



Permanent Address ___________________________________________________________________



Telephone #___________________________________________


What college or vocational school will you be attending?  _____________________________________


Please include (in this order):

           1) Coversheet with the information listed above/demographics sheet

            2) One or Two letters of recommendation

            3) 5 adjectives to describe you and explanations next to them

            4) Resume/Activities Sheet/Brag Sheet (including school activities, community activities, awards, etc)

                         Leadership Positions

                         Educational Preparation Programs (School or Community Programs or Activities)

                         Volunteer and Community Service  Activities/Internship/Work Experience/Leadership (non-profit org, Work, Police Explorers)

                          Awards & Honors (Academic and Personal)

                          Extra Curricular/ Student and Community Activities (Non Academic or Community activities not noted above clubs, teams, programs)

            5) Unofficial transcript

            6) Copy of Community Service Hours/Intern Hours (spread sheet if possible)

            7) Two Paragraphs on your "Plans after high school and what Motivates you."

            8) Two Paragraphs on "Accomplishments that you are proud of."

            9) A short summary of your accomplishments that can be read as an "Introduction" that can be read as you are receiving an award.


If possible, have all of these on paper and electronically Due Date:________________________  


Please Save each item as “Your Full Name, The Item, Graduation Year”


John Smith Let of Rec1 2021

John Smith Transcript 2021

John Smith Resume 2021

John Smith Community Service 2021

John Smith Plans and Motivation 2021

John Smith 5 Adjectives 2021

John Smith Introduction 2021