Due May 2, 2020 Community Writers Group of Los Angeles

Dear John Muir Seniors:      Community Writers Group of Los Angeles Instructions and Consent form

We are the Community Writers Group of Los Angeles ("CWGLA"), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded by the late Elise Woodson, a former educator and devoted patron of the arts. CWGLA is dedicated to the documentation of African-American history and culture through storytelling in the form of personal narratives. In February of this year, we published our fifth volume of the book series entitled Snapshots: Personal Narratives of the Community Writers Group of Los Angeles, and volume six is well underway! 

One of our founder's goals before her untimely passing was to inspire young African-American writers to share their stories in their very own publication. To that end, this summer CWGLA will publish the first volume of Snapshots: Personal Narratives of High School Students ("Student Series") to fulfill her vision. 

This letter is an invitation to African-American high school students in the Class of 2020 to participate in the CWGLA Writing Contest ("Contest").  The winners will receive monetary awards and will be published in the first volume of the Student Series, along with a select group of finalists. Attached are the Contest Guidelines and the Parental Consent forms.

Please forward this email and attachments to qualified high school seniors in the Class of 2020.   The deadline to submit is May 2, 2020, but early submissions are encouraged due to the anticipated number of Contestants.  Winners will be announced on or before June 15, 2020.  

Contestants may email inquiries to cwgla.wc@gmail.com.

Very truly yours,


Community Writers Group of Los Angeles

Leadership Committee


P.O. Box 470707

Los Angeles, CA  90047

Phone: Ms. Valerie Gilkey 213.709.8523