Due Sept 13, 2019 Puente Scholarship

FOr the puente scholarship, you will log onto:   https://tinyurl.com/JMHSPuente2019


You must prepare this inofrmation in advance:



Educational Preparation Programs (Academy, AP Classes, EAOP, VIPs, Upward Bound, etc…)



List Top 5 Extra Curricular and Volunteer/Community Service (Puente club, Drum, Band, Church Groups, Nonprofit Organization Volunteer, Scouts, etc….)


List Top 5 Internship/Work Experience/Leadership Groups (work, RYLA, Police Explorers)


List Top 5 Awards & Honors (Academic and Personal)



1. Describe your involvement in the Puente Program and how this experience has impacted your high school education and your future goals. *
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2. Describe an example of your leadership involvement and how your efforts have made a difference in your community. *
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Beyond what has already been stated in your application, is there anything else you wish to expand on/share?