2018-19 Reading Inventory Results: Secondary grades 6 to 8

This data brief summarizes student assessment data from the Scholastic Reading Inventory, which is alternatively called the HMRI (Houghton-Mifflin Reading Inventory) at Pasadena Unified.

The main findings are summarized below:

 Approximately 9 in 10 students in grades 6 through 9 were assessed during the year.

  • Districtwide across grades 6 through 9, about 42% of students overall were reading proficiently as reflected by their final reading assessment result for the year.
    • Nearly 7 in 10 Asian, White, and multiracial students achieved proficiency by their final assessment compared to about 3 in 10 Black and Hispanic students.
    • While about 7 in 10 non-target group students were reading proficiently by their final assessment, only 4 in 10 homeless students and 3 in 10 socio-economically disadvantaged students or foster youth were doing the same.
  • Districtwide across grades 6 through 9, about 10% of students who did not initially assess as proficient reached the threshold for English proficiency by their final assessment.
    • White (21%) and Asian (18%) students who were not initially proficient reached proficient level at twice the rate of Hispanic and Black students (8%).
    • About 21% of non-target students who were not reading proficiently by their first assessment of the year reached proficient level by the final assessment compared to 5% of socio-economically disadvantaged students, 3% of foster youth and students with disabilities, and 2% of homeless students. 
2018-19 Grades 6 through 9 Reading Inventory Data Summary.pdf, 222.04 KB; (Last Modified on July 26, 2019)