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PasadenaLEARNs is partnering with AfterSchool Adventures to provide in-person programs for PUSD students in grades K-8!  Programs begin September 8, 2020.  Spaces are limited!
PasadenaLEARNs hours are 9am-1pm Mondays-Fridays (more information on possible 8am start time coming soon).  LEARNs programs will operate at all PUSD elementary and middle schools. Program fees may apply. Click on the link for your school to apply.
AfterSchool Adventures hours are 1pm-4:30pm Mondays-Fridays at the following schools: Don Benito, Field, Hamilton, Jackson, Longfellow, Madison, McKinley, Norma Coombs, San Rafael, WAES, Webster, and Willard. Registration fees may apply.  Students must be enrolled in LEARNs to participate. Information on how to register or learn more about the program will be provided on the LEARNs website ( soon.