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Parents With a Voice Presents: Protecting Your Kids Online

June 7, 2016                                                                  

                                                   Parents With A Voice Presents:                                       

                                                   PROTECTING YOUR KIDS ONLINE                                                                 

                                                      Thursday, June 9, 2016

What:              Collaborate PASAdena’s Parents With A Voice, is leading a Community Conversation about issues related to modern technology that affect families and their children.  Topics discussed will include: How to keep children safe on social media, talking to your kids about cyber-bullying and unwanted text messages, monitoring your child’s cyberspace activity, and much more.

Who:               Guest experts include representatives from:  LA County City Attorney’s Office,  Pasadena Police Department, and the Pasadena Unified School District.

When:             Thursday, June 9, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Where:            Lake Avenue Church, The Skyroom, 393 N Lake Ave.  Pasadena, CA

Why:                Today’s social media current is moving swiftly so it is necessary for parents and guardians to understand how to recognize and prevent predatory and inappropriate cyber interaction on behalf of our children.  It is important to attend this meeting that will help foster positive change in our community.                  

About Collaborate Pasadena (Pasadena, Altadena, Sierra Madre)

Collaborate PASadena is a framework under which new partnerships are developed, better working relationships are established  and communication between partners and stakeholders is improved.

Everyone is encouraged to support the common goals of Collaborate PASadena in order to achieve the desired outcomes of safety and support for all children and families. The health of the community is the key and core of its success. Collaborate PASadena work groups are open to the public, and there is a Collaborate Pasadena website that highlights the initiative’s activities and events.

Collaborate PASadena is supported by the City of Pasadena,and the Pasadena Unified School District and receives technical assistance from the Pasadena Education Foundation.

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