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Student Athletic Outdoor Conditioning Beginning Soon

We have good news to share!

We have been informed that we will be able to begin the reopening of athletic outdoor conditioning at Pasadena High School during the next few weeks. 

Student-Athletes - must have athletic clearance prior to any conditioning.  No student athlete may participate in conditioning until their clearance packet is approved. 
Student-Athlete clearance is available at Once you go to this site there is a video that will assist you with the registration process and filling out all the necessary information.
Conditioning Pods - One coach per a pod of up to 12 student athletes. These pods may not change and no athletes may move to any other pod. In addition, no coaches may supervise/coach more than one pod.
We will be utilizing outdoor conditioning without equipment with all of our COVID 19 protocols and PPE. This will include the sport specific times, areas, extrances, and exits. All coaches will be required to wear masks. Student-athletes will also utilize masks with the exception of during moderate to vigorous physical exercise.  
Student athletes can expect to receive communication from their coach on start dates and protocols for their individual sport.