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AP Exam Registration Information

The College Board has made some changes in the AP registration and ordering process for AP exams.  Exams now are ordered in the Fall not in the spring as in previous years. 
Pasadena High School students will receive their AP registration information no later than Monday, September 9th from one of your AP teachers.  Included in the packet will be a Student/Parent letter.  EVERY Pasadena High School student enrolled in one or more AP classes must complete the
AP Registration Form. In addition, you and your parents will need to read and sign the AP Security Exam Agreement which is included with the registration form. You can begin to register and pay for your AP exams beginning Tuesday, September 10th  before school, during lunch or after school at the Records Office Windows. You will need to register and pay for all AP exams no later than Friday, October 4th.
If you are receiving free or reduced price meal benefits you will need to provide a copy of your 2019-2020 reduced price meal approval letter when you register /pay for your exams.  If you do not participate in the reduced price meal program but you meet the criteria for a fee reduction you will need to fill out the Fee Reduction Form.  Please read these forms thoroughly and follow all the instructions. You will need to have your fee reduction approved/signed off by Mr. Randyl Barrozo in room A 111 during lunch ONLY beginning Tuesday, September 10th  and no later than Tuesday, September 17th.
The regular exam fee is $94.  For students paying the regular exam fee when you turn in your AP registration form a $40 non-refundable deposit (per exam is due) with the balance due no later than February 14, 2020. If you are approved for a fee reduction the price is $15.00 for each AP exam. If you qualify for a fee waiver you will pay $15 per exam (non refundable) when you turn in your registration form.  If you pay the fee waiver price and for any reason do not take the exam you will be charged an additional $25 per exam. The College Board charges the school $40 per exam that is returned unused. The cost for students who do not attend PHS is $125 per exam and non PHS students may register if space is available. We will be unable to offer the AP Chinese Language, Culture or Spanish Language and Culture and AP Computer Science Principle exams to non PHS students.  Payment is CASH only and non-refundable.
In addition to returning the AP Registration Form non PHS students must also fill out and return the Non PHS Addition Information Form.
There are no pre-administration sessions this year.  Current PHS students you will receive your "join code" from each of your AP teachers.  If you are not currently taking an AP course you will receive your "join code" when you register.  Non PHS students will receive their "join code" when you register.  Pre-administration sessions are not necessary this year.
Please plan ahead and mark your calendar for all your AP exams.  PHS is not planning on administering any late AP exams. 
Any questions please contact Liz Champion at