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Rose City High School Students Tour Colleges

Rose City High School students visited Occidental College, the second college campus tour this year, thanks to the generosity and support of the Tournament of Roses Committee. Students who attended shared some of their favorite and most memorable moments with me. The most popular response students had to the question “what was your favorite part?” was “lunch!” The food options and, more importantly, the new friendships forged over lunch were meaningful to our students. 

The college trips are informative, inspiring and eye-opening experiences. Students talked with each other about how they felt being on campus and what their future plans looked like. We imagined ourselves as college students on the Occidental campus. 

Rose City students interacted with the college student tour guides, which was a cool way to learn about the real life experiences of a college student. We all share common struggles in life and it was inspiring to hear real stories and realize that there are some things you can’t control but you should not let that stop you. Make the best out of your situation, do the best you can, and live your best life.

Story by Roberto Hernandez, a student at Rose City High School student