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Rose City Student Spotlight

Rose Awards

Rose City High School - Student Spotlight

Rose City High School teachers, administration, and staff nominated students to be recognized for outstanding achievement in the areas listed on our ROSE Schoolwide Learning Outcomes.


These are the Student of the Month Recipients for October 2017:

Responsible Academic Learner: Brianna Calderon

When nominating Brianna for this award, Ms. Kathleen Sander said that she is “showing determination and not giving up on her pursuit for academic success. Brianna also takes responsibility for her academics and advocates for herself even when it is difficult.”


Outstanding Communicator: Brianna Robles

Ms. Pringle nominated Brianna for this award, saying, “She is an excellent student in English classes, always writing thoughtful responses to prompts. Brianna often finishes her work early and she helps others, not by giving them the answer, but helping articulate things others may not understand.”


Service Oriented Citizen: Denise Perez

Mr. McNeely said that Denise “is a positive role model for other students on campus through her service-oriented citizenship. Other students see how hard she works to raise money for RCHS.”


Effective 21st Century Leader: Anastasia Isaacs 

“A sign of a great leader is someone who models mature behavior when they do not always agree with others and can move on while doing the necessary work that is needed to successfully advance the entire group. Anastasia addresses conflict in this way and is a leader that improves the quality of her environment,” said Mrs. Camille Pierce-Trujillo.



Effective 21st Century Leader: Jose Rendon

Ms. Obregon said, “Jose is a self starter. I can always count on him to be on task. He didn't miss a single assignment last quarter and was always willing to help others if he finished early. He actually taught me and other students how to upload files into their online portfolio.”

 Isaacs Rendon


These are the Student of the Month Recipients for September 2017:

Responsible Academic Learner and Outstanding Communicator: Fabian Ochoa

When nominating Fabian for this award, Ms. Obregon said, “Fabian is an outstanding communicator in the Empowerment class.  I can always count on him to participate in class discussions.” Fabian said that he felt “proud and glad” to be honored for his academics. He said, “Rose City High School has a lot of programs to offer and teachers who care.” After high school, he is planning on “going straight to college.”


Service Oriented Citizen: Jaylin Miller

Ms. Wilma Ramirez said that Jaylin “is a great assistant in the office and around school.” She is known in classes to be “diligent and focused, not distracted by others.” Ms. Cordeiro-Benson said that Jaylin’s “smile lights up the room.”


Effective 21st Century Leader: Melelynn Berdon

When nominating her for this awarded , Mrs. Camille Pierce-Trujillo said “Mel shows up for our campus with the full force of getting things done. Its great when others join her in trying to advocate for the great things Rose City has to offer but if no one else is willing to walk that line with her, she continues to be a pioneer.” Melelynn plans on attending trade school right after graduation, and her goal is to own her own home.



These are the Students of the Month for August 2017:

Responsible Academic Learner: Valeria Robledo

When nominating Valeria Robledo for this award, Mr. Simon said, “She is a diligent student who completes all of her work.” Valeria said that she felt “proud and accomplished” to be honored for her academics. She said, “Rose City High School is different. It’s not how it used to be back in the day.” After high school, she would like to own a mechanic’s shop as an entrepreneur. She is planning on studying auto mechanics at UTI (Universal Technical Institute) and also obtain a degree in Business.

rose awards student

Outstanding Communicator: Tamia Scott

Mrs. Saxton nominated Tamia for this award for “Communicating positively and helping others by communicating clearly.” Tamia said, “Rose City offers a lot of opportunities and it’s a great experience here.” Tamia’s long term goal is to become a social worker and to “travel before I get old.”

rose awards student

Service Oriented Citizen: Kennedy Thompson, Arturo Lumbreras

When learning that she was chosen, Kennedy said, “I was overwhelmed with appreciation and joy.” Mr. Tolosa said that she is, “very kind and respectful in class and has a very good rapport to every student on the campus. She actively helps in SLB and does a great job in visiting classrooms for announcements and other work.” Kennedy said, “I think people should know that Rose City is not the place where the bad kids go.” Kennedy plans to attend college right after high school to prepare for her future career as a registered nurse.

Arturo said he was “really surprised” to be honored for his service. He said that “Rose City is awesome, and the teachers spend time getting to know you.” Mrs. Cordeiro-Benson said, “Arturo puts in effort preparing for Red Cross Club and SLB [Student Leadership Board] events.” He is planning on going to college and also working for his commercial pilot’s license so he can fly airplanes for a living.

 rose awards student  rose awards student

Effective 21st Century Leader: Noel Vasquez

When Noel learned that he was chosen for this award, he said that it “felt amazing and and like I accomplished something.” He said that “Rose City is a great school.” Ms. Pringle said, “Noel has become an expert at all things Google and PowerSchool. He listens carefully when I teach shortcuts and features on the Chromebooks and he helps others learn.” Mr. McNeely said “Even though I have Noel in P.E. he still exhibits 21st century skills in regards to collaborative activities and guidance of other students.” Noel is studying entrepreneurship and his goal is to run his own business and “to become a millionaire.”



These are the Student of the Month Recipients for May 2017:

Responsible Academic Learner: Anastasia Isaacs

Ms. Obregon said, “Anastasia is always willing to share her thoughts during class discussions.  She is always willing to speak up for her group.  She is able to advocate for herself and is always monitoring her grades to ensure that she attains her goal of getting straight A's.”


Outstanding Communicator: Tre Crawford


Service Oriented Citizen: Ricardo Rodriguez


Effective 21st Century Leader: Ruben Duarte Busby




These are the Student of the Month Recipients for April 2017:

Responsible Academic Learner: Erik Gonzalez

Mr. Simon said that Erik is “always on task, finishes assignments, does well on assessments.”


Outstanding Communicator: Hunter Smith

Mrs. Saxton said, “Hunter effectively communicates thoughts and ideas with consideration of audience.”


Service Oriented Citizen: Melelynn Berdon

Ms. Lopez said, “Mel has participated for two quarters in all community service activities SLB has been part of.  She is very responsible and assists diligently in school sales.”


Effective 21st Century Leader: Jonathan Martinez

Ms. Obregon said, “Jonathan is such a well rounded student. He excels in his academics and his love and passion for music is refreshing. He has so many interests and it's always a pleasure to hear him talk about them.”



These are the Student of the Month Recipients for March 2017:

Responsible Academic Learner: Daysharay Solomon

Ms. Wilma Ramirez said, “Daysharay is a graduating senior that has been accepted to CSU Bakersfield.  Obviously she is on track, motivates her peers and strives for excellence.”


Outstanding Communicator: Sean Weber

Ms. Pringle said, “Sean is a very good listener and is empathetic to others around him. He contributes to class discussions in a constructive way and helps others.” Sean said, “Rose City is great because they get to know you and help you on a personal level.” He plans on creating his own clothing line and becoming known.


Service Oriented Citizen: Jaylin Miller

Mrs. Mahrokh Afshar said, “She is very well behaved. She is on time everyday and helps me out with late slips.” After graduation, Jaylin is planning on attending college to get a degree in communications.


Effective 21st Century Leader: Noe Gonzalez

Mr. McNeely said, “Noe has always been solid 21st Century leader in all facets of digital media in any class I have had him in.” Noe plans on attending PCC for two years and then transferring to a university.



These are the Students of the Month for FEBRUARY 2017:

Responsible Academic Learner: Kimberly Castorena


Kimberly was nominated by multiple teachers and staff members. Mr. Howard said, “Kim is earning an A+ in Math class, and she tutors other students.” She also had the highest grade in Mr. McNeely’s English class. When she was presented with the award, Kimberly said she felt “shocked and actually speechless.” She said that Rose City “is not the stereotype. They give you more opportunities, while in other schools you have to seek them out.”

Future Plans: Kimberly wants to move to Oregon and study to be a Nurse Practitioner.


Outstanding Communicator: Sean Lewis


When nominating Sean, Mr. Cruz said that “Sean is great at communicating his point of view. He is a clear and concise communicator.” Mr. Slominski said, “he is respectful when he shares his point of view.” Sean is proud to be recognized. He said, “I am confident in myself and I knew I could do this.” He said, “Rose City gives you the opportunity to make up your credits quickly.”

Future Plans: Sean wants to be an engineer in the Army. He plans to join the Army immediately after graduation.


Service Oriented Citizen: Denise Perez


Denise was nominated by several teachers and staff members. Mr. McNeely said, “Not only is she a great fundraiser, but Denise is also a leader for her committee in Student Leadership.” Denise said that winning this award made her “feel special, like I was making a difference.” She said that Rose City “is not what people think. It’s better than a regular high school.”

Future Plans: Denise wants to work in law enforcement. She plans on attending college right after graduation, and may work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff.


Effective 21st Century Leader: Isai Cardoso


Ms. Pringle nominated Isai for this award. She said, “Isai helps other students to troubleshoot issues with technology, and he is in charge of audio-visual displays for the journalism class. He also has all of the links to live-stream soccer games.” Isai said, “I was shocked and surprised that I won an award for something other than attendance.” He said that people should know that Rose City “is honestly one of the best schools, they pay more attention to you and give you more opportunities.”

Future Plans: Isai would like to be a psychologist, so he plans on attending a 4-year college and majoring in Psychology.

Effective 21st Century Leader: Hunter Smith


Mr. Tolosa said, “Hunter leads the class in discussions and always comes up with a correct answer. Whenever we do hands on activities he leads the class and tells them what to do. He has a good rapport with every student and doesn't hesitate to help them.” Hunter said that Rose City “is not as bad as people say it is, there are a lot of nice teachers. People make it seem like a negative school but it’s really not.”

Future Plans: Hunter would like to work in I.T. (Information Technology) and also study photography. He plans on working and attending college right after graduation.


These are the Students of the Month for December 2016:

Responsible Academic Learner: Hee Soo Jo


When nominating Hee Soo for this award, Mr. Cruz said that she “is unwavering in her commitment to excellence.” Hee Soo said that she “did not expect to be chosen for an award” and that people should know that Rose City “has very good counseling” and that Mrs. Cordeiro-Benson helps students prepare for college.

Future Plans: Hee Soo is going to attend Pasadena City College after graduation.


Outstanding Communicator: Pedro Gonzales


Pedro was nominated by multiple teachers. He said, “I didn’t really deserve this recognition but I am thankful to be chosen.”  Ms. Obregon said, “Pedro is always ready and willing to participate in classroom discussions. He asks questions that enhance the learning objectives. Outside of class, he will often reach out to me or others to talk about meaningful things. He is interested in politics and subjects that most people his age are not. It is always refreshing to have a conversation with Pedro. He said, “Rose City has had a bad reputation but once you come here, it’s different. You get to communicate with new people and I love meeting new people.”

Future Plans: Pedro is planning to “study aeronautics and technology, and work on airplanes as a career.” Pedro’s hobbies are making and writing music.


Service Oriented Citizen: Luis Nava


When learning that he was chosen, Luis said, “I was shook. I am not used to receiving these type of things, but it’s a good feeling.” Ms. Pringle described Luis as “one of the most positive and helpful students I have.” Luis represented Rose City at meetings with the Language Assessment Development Department. He is the lead photographer for journalism, coaching other students on using the camera. Luis said, “People know [Rose City] by our old reputation but we are different now. Compared to other schools, I have had the best experience here.”

Future Plans: Luis plans to continue his studies at Pasadena City College and transfer to a four-year school to study computer science.


Service Oriented Citizen: Sean Lewis


When learning that he was chosen, Sean said, “I don’t win awards, so this was totally unexpected.” Ms. Wilma Ramirez said “Sean, is always willing to volunteer even when not asked and he goes beyond the call of duty with a pleasant smile.” Mrs. Kathleen Saxton added, “He often would help others when he was in my class and I see him encouraging others to get involved in activities here on campus. He has blossomed.” Sean said, “I came to Rose City and I just do what I’m supposed to do.”

Future Plans: Sean plans to join the U.S. Army after high school.


Effective 21st Century Leader: James Arellano Murphy


James said, “I felt proud of myself and I loved all the comments everyone said. I felt accomplished.” Mr. Michael McNeely said, “James consistently completes research projects through a superb use of technology. In addition, he has also mastered all the Chromebook applications used in class and tutored other students in the use of those applications.” He said, “Rose City is a school that could help you if you take the opportunity and the time.”

Future Plans: After graduation, James plans to continue working in movie theaters and earn scholarships to pay for college.


Effective 21st Century Leader: Arianna Wright


“This was a good surprise!” said Arianna. When nominating Arianna, Ms. Wilma Ramirez said, “Arianna has the determination to succeed whether those around her are not.  She is focused and does not seek attention however, she likes to encourage to stay on task.” She said “This is not like every other school. If you believe you can do it, you can do it here.”

Future Plans: After graduation, she plans to earn her associate's degree and work in dentistry.



These are the Students of the Month for November 2016:

Responsible Academic Learner: Luis Velasco


When nominating Luis for this award, Mr. McNeely said, “Luis consistently strives to maintain the highest grade in every class I have had him in. In fact, he usually has the top grade in the entire class as well as the highest grade for all my classes.” Luis said that he was “proud to be chosen” and that Rose City “helps students that are behind on credits get on track and go to college faster.”

Future Plans: He is going to attend community college after graduation.


Outstanding Communicator: Derricka Johnson


Derricka was nominated for both Outstanding Communicator and Service-Oriented Citizen by multiple teachers. Ms. Lopez said that Derricka “is very proactive and involved with students’ concerns and will voice them out during Student Leadership Board meetings. She participates in community events and helps distribute information.” Derricka said, “Rose City is amazing. Everyone truly cares about you and they want you to be the best version of you.”

Future Plans: She is planning to continue her education in college and eventually become a sign-language interpreter.


Service Oriented Citizen: Guadalupe Villegas


When learning that she was chosen, Guadalupe said, “I was surprised that I had the opportunity to be nominated.” Ms. Sander said, “When [Guadalupe] struggles with something and is able to figure it out, she will help anyone else if she notices they are dealing with the same struggle she dealt with.” Guadalupe said, “Rose City is a great place for a second chance for success.” Guadalupe is a Red Cross service volunteer for the Rose Parade.

Future Plans: She plans to join the military after high school.


Effective 21st Century Leader: Nelson Vasquez


“Nelson uses the four Cs of the Graduate Profile on a consistent basis, especially in his critical thinking skills when answering questions in class,” said Mr. McNeely. Ms. Collins said, “Nelson is a risk taker and is willing to try new technological apps to improve and present his work.” Nelson said “If you are in a bad spot, Rose City is here to help you.”

Future Plans: After graduation, he plans to go to college and start his own business to help his parents.


These are the Student of the Month Recipients for October 2016.

Responsible Academic Learner: Barbara Lemoh

Need Photo

Barbara was so successful in her studies that she graduated early, at the end of first quarter.


Outstanding Communicator: Yashua Haggerty


Yashua was chosen because of his positive collaboration and contributions to class discussion. He earned a solid A in Ms. Pringle’s English class. Yashua said, “[Rose City] is a cool place and you can finish your credits faster if you are motivated.”

Future Plans: Yashua plans on going directly to university to study Mechanical Engineering. He studies mixed martial arts and would like to become a professional fighter in the UFC.


Service Oriented Citizen: Moriah Vega


When learning that she was chosen, Moriah said, “I felt so happy and supported.” Ms. Wilma Ramirez said, “Moriah is always compelled to tell me of where volunteer help is needed and why.” Moriah said, “I think people should know that the kids [at Rose City] are good and shouldn’t be categorized as bad because they did poorly in school before.”

Future Plans: Moriah plans to continue her education after high school. Her main interest is Environmental Studies.


Effective 21st Century Leader: Iana Samuel


When asked what people should know about Rose City High School, Iana said, “there are more opportunities for students.” She was chosen for this award because she uses these opportunities to better herself. Mr. Tolosa said, “She's one of my top students in class. Iana collaborates with others, does her work and she is very concerned with her progress.”

Future Plans: Iana wants to attend culinary school and study business, eventually opening and running her own restaurant.