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Student email and portal accounts

Did you know that all students have a PUSD Google email account?  All PHS students should regularly check their PUSD email account as this is where you will receive school information.

Your default username is as follows (first 2 characters of last name capitalized) + (last 4 digits of student ID) + (first 2 characters of first name capitalized) + (2 digit birth month) + (2 digit birth day).  Example: Joe Smith (born 08/19/2001 and ID 991234) = Your default password is as follows: (first letter of first name capitalized) + (first letter of last name lowercase) + (6 digit ID) = password.  Example: Joe Smith (student ID 991234 = Js991234

Did you know that Student Portal Accounts have been created for every PUSD student? This will allow you to access and manage your grades, homework and classroom assignments. Go to the Student Portal website and click on “forgot password.”  You will need to enter your PUSD email. Then you will be sent verification email to your PUSD email account.  Just follow these  directions.

If you have any problems with either your portal account or email see Ms. Rich in room A 107.