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Super Bowl Golden Footballs

As part of the Super Bowl 50 celebration, the NFL started the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll program acknowledging those schools and communities that have directly influenced Super Bowl history and made a positive impact on the game of football.

High schools all over the country will be given a Wilson Golden Football for every 4 Golden Footballs player or head coach who graduated from the school and was on an active Super Bowl roster. More than 2,000 high schools and almost 3,000 players and coaches will be honored. The State of California received the highest number of footballs with 432 followed by Texas with 326.  California also had the most high schools receiving golden footballs with 296 followed again by Texas with 223.

Receiving eight footballs, Memorial High School in Port Arthur, Texas has the honor of being the school to receive the most Golden Footballs.  Five schools will receive six footballs and 14 schools will receive five. 

Pasadena High School was among the 16 schools that received four Golden Footballs. GO BULLDOGS!! 

Our honor roll consists of:

  • Mario Clark - Class of 1972 - San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl XIX
  • Chidi Iwuoma - Class of 1996 - Pittsburg Steelers Super Bowl XL
  • Chris McAlister - Class of 1995 - Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XXXV
  • Lester Towns - Class of 1994 - Carolina Panthers Super Bowl XXXVIII

Towns and Iwuoma

Lester Towns (1994) and Chidi Iwuoma (1996)

Mario Clark

Anthony Brooks (Athletic Director), Mario Clark (1972), Gilbert Barraza (Principal)

The NFL Foundation, which gave $1 million for the campaign, will also provide schools with the opportunity to apply for grants of up to $5,000 to support their football programs, along with a new character education curriculum.  For more information on the Golden Football program go here.