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FAME auditions

Auditions for our Spring Musical FAME beginFAME this week. 

Attend at least ONE of the Audition Workshops to learn about the show, prep your Audition Sides, and rehearse the Dance Combination.

Join us at any of the following dates/times:
Wednesday, November 8th
9:00-10:00am (2nd Period - only with teacher's permission) - Orchestra Room
4:00-5:00pm (After School) - Choir Room
These workshops will be led by director, Emily Clark, and will focus on learning the song cuts and scene snippets for the auditions. We will also break down the characters, go over the plot, and watch film clips to get a sense of the show!
Thursday, November 9th
4:00-5:00pm (After School) - Dance Room
The dance workshops are led by choreographers Hillary Temple and Chandler Pope to learn the combination for auditions. This show is extremely dancey, and everyone auditioning will need to learn the combo, regardless of skill level.
Hard copies of the songs and scenes will be provided. However, the materials can all be accessed here:
We look forward to seeing you this week. And don't forget - Auditions are November 29 - December 1!!
Rehearsals for FAME begin in JANUARY 2024, and the Performances are APRIL 11-13, 2024!