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Sierra Madre Civic Club Educational Award Winners

The Sierra Madre Civic Club invited graduating high school seniors who either live in, attend school in, or are employed in Sierra Madre to apply for an Educational Award.  Four out of the five Award recipients attend Pasadena High School.  Listed below are the descriptions of the award recipients from the Sierra Madre Civic Club:

Ian Carson is a senior at Pasadena High School.  Ian used online tutorials to learn to play the guitar and to build a forge for blacksmithing, and he enjoys outdoors activities such as riding dirt bikes, skiing, flying remote-control planes and kites.  He has been very active in the community while becoming an Eagle Scout, with his project of the past two years being the installation of an Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network with the collaboration and support of the Sierra Madre Community Emergency Response Team and Sierra Madre Search and Rescue.  This network will allow people with a Ham radio licenses and emergency response teams to communicate during a major emergency when phone lines are not operating.  Somehow, he also finds the time to work at a warehouse one day a week.

Celia Plaut is graduating from Pasadena High School and is President of the Green Club.  You may know Celia from her many volunteer activites with the Club, including serving food at our luncheons, distributing Halloween window paint, and assisting her mom (Ellen O'Leary) with selling items for Club profit. She enjoys trying new things, and her parents have often siad "If she can do it, let her." An international volunteer trip to Tanzania after her sophomore year gave Celia the opportunity to see the sometimes temporary effects of volunteerism and how important it is to create sustainable solutions that benefit small communities across the world. Celia will major in an area of Biology at UCLA.

Danica Shair attends Pasadena High School, and also works at the Village Pizzeria.  With her mom (Chandy Shair), Danica has helped stuff and sell confetti eggs, distributed paint for Halloween Window Painting, helped organize items for the annual City Yard Sale, and helps recycle cans and bottles for the Club.  Danica has also volunteered with several other community groups and at events in town.  She enjoys ecercise (hiking, running, AYSO), art (painting, sketching) and music (listening to many genres of music, singing, and playing piano).  Danica plans to attend San Diego State University in the fall, majoring in Kinesiology.

Riley Vandevelde attends Pasadena High School.  You may recognize her from the Village Pizzeria in town where she works or from her volunteer activigties with the Club - making and selling confetti eggs and assisting with the Halloween Window Painting.  Riley wrote that the most influential event in her life has been the Mt. Wilson Trail Race, having neen inspired by her mother's experiences.  Despite medical challenges Riley was determined to finish the race - and she did.  She said "The Mount Wilson Trail Race taught me the power of determination. From the mountains to the classroom, my ability to persevere when the going gets tough has helped me succeed.  No matter how grueling of a challenge, with grit and determination, I can cross any finish line." Riley will be attending the University of Notre Dame, majoring in Biology.

Milo Sariol is a senior at La Salle College Prep.  He loves animals and has been around them all of his life.  First his family raised chickens, ducks, bunnies, birds, snakes and more.  Now he volunteers at a goat ranch and cremery where he works with goats, horses and pigs.  He has delivered farm babies and performed basic medical procedures as needed there.  He has also built furniture and stables. repaired farm equipment and used the farm products in cooking goat, caramel, cheese, and yogurt.  Milo believes strongley in community service and giving back through volunteerism. 

Congratulations to all these students!