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Summer Twilight Program

The Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) is hosting a Summer/Fall 2021 Twilight program for PUSD students to access credit recovery. 

The difference between this program and Summer School Credit recovery is that this program is 10 weeks, 2-4 days a week, and in the later afternoon.  This is designed to accommodate student's schedules.

The application can be accessed HERE

The deadline to apply is May 28, 2021.  All 9-12th grade students are welcome to apply. 

Please work with your counselors to apply asap:

Erica Linares  A - De; LPS

Randyl Barrozo  Di - Gi; CAMAD

Minh Tran  Gl - Rod; Foster Youth

Teresa Martinez  Rog - Z; APP Academy

Arturo Munoz   Puente