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Welcome Back Bulldogs!

New Bell Schedule

Beginning April 20th, all students will follow a new bell schedule

  • Classes will remain the same.
  • Classes will be in the same order.
  • Classes will meet at a new time for both remote and In-Person student.
  • Download the new schedule here:  New Bell Schedule
  • In-person students can find their teacher's room numbers in their Student Portal Account.  Here is the school map.

Procedures for Arriving

Enter through designated gates:

  • Front of School Drop Off
    • B Gate
    • C Gate
  • Campus Drive Drop Off
    • Gate between Abel Franco Theater (Little Theater) and G Building
    • Gate between G and H Building
  • Students who are driving MUST park in the front lot. Students will NOT be permitted to park in the back/staff lot.
  • Students will be screened by staff at gate entrance
    • Students will answer screening questions
    • Students will have their temperature taken
  • Proceed to class

While On Campus

  • Practice Social Distancing
    • In the hallways/walkways
    • Stairs
    • In Classrooms
    • During Nutrition
  • Always Wear Your Mask - covering your nose and mouth
  • Stay to the right hand side of the walkways and hallways to avoid crowding
  • No locker use
  • Bathroom use during class time and nutrition only

Staying Healthy

  • Use hand-sanitizing stations
  • Wash hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
  • Bring your own water and snacks

Leaving Campus

  • Grab and Go Lunch available at the B gate and the gate between F and G Building.
  • Students must leave campus after class or after picking up their lunch.
  • Athletes/7th period students will go to designated areas to wait for their practice/class to begin.
    • Only athletes with sports IN SEASON will be permited to stay/practice after school.
  • Exit through same designated gates.

How do I get help?

All our support staff is on-campus and available by appointment:


  • Randyl Barrozo (Di-Gi and CAMAD)
  • Erica Linares (A-DE and LPS)
  • Teresa Martinez (Rog-Z and App Academy)
  • Arturo Munoz (Puente)
  • Minh Tran (Gl-Rod, Foster Youth)

Librarian - by teacher pass or appointment

  • Seth Pettit

School Psychologists

  • Karina Reyes
  • Wendy Castillo

Security - on campus in designated areas


  • Lorena Ramirez


  • Elizabeth Champion