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Pasadena League of Voters Webinar on DRAWDOWN

We invite Pasadena High School students to join the Pasadena League of Voters Webinar on Saturday, January 23 from 10-11 AM on DRAWDOWN, a strategy to save the planet and a framework for reversing climate change, organized by Paul Hawken and written by an international coalition of experts.

Its user-friendly organization features “solutions” ranked according to potential impact on climate change. For each solution, there is an easily comprehensible description, at least one large color illustration, and data representing greenhouse gas reduction, cost to implement, and operational savings. Originally published in book form in 2017, ranking and data are updated by ongoing research that is published online at  

In one succinct hour, three knowledgeable panelists will introduce you to the Drawdown framework and lead a Q&A.

To pre-register go to