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PEF Good Vibes Volunteer

Good Vibes To our Pasadena High School Bulldog family join us as a Pasadena Educational Foundation Good Vibes Volunteer - Community Service Opportunity

With Pasadena Unified School District students currently engaged in remote learning and teachers leading virtual classes, we need to support them and our community in a positive way. Let’s share good vibes to support our PUSD proud community!

As a volunteer, each week you will receive a Good Vibe message in your email. Your job: Make that message your own, and post that message for all to see. Write a song. Make a video. Paint a poster. Use whatever you have on hand. Hang your message from your apartment window or or clip it to the bushes at the front of your home. Tap into your creativity. Just make it visible! Sign up here…/…/goodvibesvolunteer/

Students are eligible to earn hours as a Good Vibes Volunteer. Each Good Vibes message = 1 hour of community service credit. Spend more time on your message, earn more.To get started, email to let them know you are in! You will receive specific follow-through instructions so you can earn hours supporting your community.