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Principal's Letter to the Class of 2020

Senior Message (April 7, 2020)

Good evening Class of 2020,

I hope this message finds each of you in good health and spirits given our situation.  Our Senior Hike held on March 6, 2020, marked the beginning of our Senior celebrations leading up to Graduation. Like many of you, I was looking forward to sharing in your celebrations as many of you started to reap the benefits of long nights of studying, persisting through difficulties and preparing to embark on the next chapter of your incredible journey. The events that have unfolded over the last month and the current global pandemic we find ourselves in have left many of you frustrated, upset, and out of sorts as this was not something any of us anticipated. The very idea of sharing these last days of high school with friends, teachers, and all those at PHS seems highly unlikely now that it is confirmed that we will end our year through remote learning. 

Despite this, I want to applaud your class President, Connor Hopkins, and the senior class officers, as we have met to discuss alternatives to Grad Bash, Prom, and Graduation. As it stands, we are working with the Biltmore to look at possible dates in June, possibly later, than the original date. In addition to this, PUSD has reserved the Civic Auditorium for June 23-25, 2020, as potential dates for a delayed graduation ceremony. We have not received word of any cancellation of Universal Grad Bash on May 15, 2020, but we will keep you updated on the status. Please know that it is our hope and intent to still hold these celebrations as much as we can. We do not know what the larger picture will look like in two weeks or a month from now. We do not know if there will be limitations on public gatherings. We will work within whatever parameters we are given to ensure a proper send-off for you. Each of you deserves this recognition. On that note, I am asking that you take a few moments to fill out the Senior Survey you received in yodur emaol. One thing I have observed in my four years at PHS is the creativity and resourcefulness each of you have (insert Mr. Hernandez playing Uno meme). I am asking for you to brainstorm suggestions on how we can celebrate each of you during this time. I am also asking that you share a picture that you would like us to share with a quote or message that we can post through social media (school appropriate and classy). I would especially like to recognize our Spring athletes (Baseball, Softball, Boys Volleyball, Golf, Tennis and Aquatics) and their careers, which unfortunately will not continue as the seasons have ended due to this crisis. We applaud your commitment and demonstrate Bulldog Pride in all you do. 

We have received questions about retrieving items from lockers, cap and gown orders, and if refunds will be given for events. There are still many items we are working on and as we receive answers, we will relay this information to you. We miss seeing you, stay safe, and stay healthy. 



Mr. Hernandez