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Student Programming for 2020-2021 School Year

The Counseling Department is excited to announce that it is time for students to start selecting classes for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. As we did last year, we are empowering students to select their own classes in their Aeries Student Portal.
One thing that is different this year is that we have included a powerpoint with information to guide students and parents through selecting classes.
The powerpoint has information about:
  • Graduation Requirements
  • College Eligibility Requirements
  • How to review a student's status for graduation and college eligibility
  • How to request the courses you want in Aeries Student Portal
We ask that both student and parents review the information and work together to select classes. Students are scheduled for an individual time to meet with their Counselor to finalize their course selections during their English classes. While there isn't enough time to include parents in the individual course selection meetings, they can review the course selections through the Aeries Student and Parent Portals and email their Counselor with any questions. If students have any questions or need help regarding the process, they are encouraged to come to the Library, during lunch, any day starting Wednesday, February 5 to receive assistance from a Counselor. 
Thank you for your attention and happy programming!
The Counseling Department
Randyl Barrozo
Erica Linares
Teresa Martinez
Arturo Munoz
Minh Tran