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Astronomy Club

Astro Club Did you know that one of the clubs available to students at Pasadena High School is the Astronomy Club?

This past semester the students in the Astronomy Club with their Advisor, Mr. Jonathan Gardner, began to set up a telescope (complete with it's own dome) on the roof of our Library.  The telescope will take pictures and send them to computers accessed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

The students have spent quite a bit of time setting up this project.  Here are some examples of the tasks they have completed:

  • First they had to move everything up the stairs to the Library roof.
  • Installed a motorized shutter for the telescope dome. This will allow them to adequately block light in order to get better data
  • Fastended the dome to the roof of the library. This will prevent movement and damage of the dome. 

The students continue to work on the dome over the summer.

Astro Club