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Viking Musicians Represent PUSD in Rose Parade on Jan. 2

Arianna and Coleman High school students have the opportunity to audition for the official band of the Rose Parade, the PCC Tournament of Roses Honor Band. This year two musicians from PUSD were chosen, and both are from Blair!
Arianna Aviña, 11th grade, is returning for a second year, joined by Coleman Bryant, senior. Both were chosen to play tenor drums in the percussion section.
Arianna and Coleman are both in Blair's Drumline, Coleman in his seventh year in Drumline and Arianna her sixth.
Coleman helped direct the Blair Drumline in 2015 during the interim between instructors, and has created original cadences for competition and performances. He recently won first place from the Pasadena PTA Council in the Reflections contest, high school music composition division, and his entry "WYA" (Where You AT) has advanced to compete in the PTA First District Reflections. Coleman plays trumpet in the Blair Advanced Band, and drums and trumpet with the Blair Viking Jazz Band. 
Arianna plays viola and violin in Blair's String Ensemble, and plays concert snare with the Blair Advanced Band. In 2016 Arianna received the Pasadena Arts Council's Young Artist Award in Music.
Blair is proud of our talented students!
Come cheer them on at the Rose Parade on Jan. 2, 2017! The PCC Tournament of Roses Honor Band will also perform at Bandfest performances, Dec. 30 and 31.