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First Stop is Building A

Blair A Building If you haven't visited Blair in a while, we have our A building back! Classes and offices located on the former Allendale Elementary site returned home to Blair's main A Building at 1201 S. Marengo Avenue!

Besides classrooms, located in the A Building serving all students are the Main Office, Principal Ibarra, the Registrar, the Attendance Clerk, Counselors, the Library, the Student Store and the Family Resource Center.

The Band Room and Orchestra Room are also in the A Building. Students will travel between the C Building and A Building by way of the tunnel. 

Asst. Principal Dr. Perez is in the A Building, off the Counseling Center. IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator Ms. McLaughlin and Asst. Principal Ms. McGinnis are in the C Building. 

Middle school students have their own Health Clerk in the C Building.

Note: the Family Resource Center has moved from the C Building back into its previous location in the A Building.

No matter whether a student is in middle school or high school, parents picking up their student during the school day are to sign in at the Main Office. The Blair parking lot offers ample parking with convenient access directly to the Main Office reception desk. 

Please however avoid using the parking lot as a drop off or pick up location at the start or end of the school day. The entire stretch of Marengo Avenue from the parking lot entrance down to Allendale Road is now a drop off zone.