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Blair Students Once Again Conquer The L.A. Marathon

Blair 2017 SRLA Team Blair students again had the opportunity to run the L.A. marathon this year, made possible by Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA). This year, our fourth in the SRLA program, 13 students trained for, ran--and finished--the L.A. Marathon on March 19. 

Please see photos and information about each one by clicking on this link:

2017 Blair SRLA Team

SRLA is an organization in the greater Los Angeles area that helps and supports teams created at schools. Schools are given a certain number of spots, and Blair is the only SRLA school in the San Gabriel Valley!

Running a marathon does not require being a great athlete or a fast runner. In fact, it may be quite the contrary. Although it helps to already be physically active, training for a marathon means dedication, commitment, and having the drive to push forward. Blair students are not turned away if they do not fit a particular fitness stereotype.

Our SRLA team is quite diverse in physique, nationality, and grade span. We have had runners ranging from grades seventh through twelfth. At the beginning of each training season we get approximately 30 students interested in joining us. Many are eager to be on the team. As time progresses students attendance in practice is what helps determine who remains on the team. As an SRLA team we may have up to 15 students run the marathon.

Blair students are very driven and have several ambitions. Some students would like to be “The Final 15” but some cannot commit because of other after school activities. Being part of SRLA means weekend runs, holiday runs, running in the rain, in freezing temperatures, being up dark and early, and making healthier lifestyle choices like eating cleaner and getting plenty of rest. All these contribute to the endurance and dedication that will be necessary to be prepared push through a marathon.

Before the L.A. Marathon, students are involved in other races including a 5k, 10k, 15k, two half marathons, and an 18-mile race. The purpose and goal of this training program is more than the physical aspect of it. The mission is to challenge students to experience the benefits of goal-setting, character development, adult mentoring and improved health by providing them with a truly life-changing experience: training for and completion of the Los Angeles Marathon. This is also in hope these students build the self confidence and dedication to achieve all their goals. 

We are proud to share that our Blair SRLA team has successfully participated in every race, successfully completed the marathon, and have seen beautiful changes in our students. We have also had Blair and SRLA alumni join us on practices and races after participation on the team. We hope to continue this legacy in the making by sharing the pride and confidence Blair Viking students are experiencing.

For more info. contact Blair International Academy teacher and Blair SRLA advisor Ms. Veronica Yepez.