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Oakwood Brass Outreach Project @ Wilson MS


On Tuesday, November 7th, Wilson Middle School hosted the Oakwood Brass Concerts during 1st, 2nd & 3rd Periods. 

Students were exposed to jazz, classical and media music. 


Oakwood Brass Outreach Project offers the following: 

Concerts for 6th grade students and coaching sessions with Mr. Prado's band. 

Students receive coaching sessions once a week. 

Please click on the link below to see more information:

 Oakwood Brass Outreach Project @ Wilson



Image of Oakwood Brass Project at Wilson

Aija Mattson, Danny Lawlor, Darren Dvoracek, Dave Costello, and Dave Pittel


 Image of Wilson students during coaching session with Oakwood Brass Project      Image of student during coach session with Oakwood Brass Project    

Students receive coaching sessions once a week with James Edwards, trumpet, and Darren Dvoracek, tuba.


 Partial funding for these programs was provided by: Tournament of Roses Foundation, Pasadena Showcase House, Musicians Local Trust Fund, and donors to the Oakwood Brass-Outreach Project. 

Thank you Oakwood Brass