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Ms. Green: P.E. Teacher

Ms. Green 
Interviewed and Written by: Alessandra Averruz and Viviana Sanchez

 Ms. Green is one of Mckinley’s P.E. teachers. She teaches us all about exercise. For example, she teaches us circuit training where we have to rotate stations: push ups, jumping jacks, planks, jog in place, dips, and dance in place. Every single day and the end of class she asks questions as an exit ticket and we have to answer correctly before  our whole line can leave but the person who answers the correct question gets a bonus point. This is why Mckinley is grateful to have Ms. Green as our P.E teacher.  

When we spoke to Ms. Green she talked to us about the importance face-to-face communication and few things that may seem nostalgic:


In my lifetime, I have seen many changes in communication. They’re happening so fast right now that I’m a bit concerned about my students...that they will forget to practice things like cursive, how to spell without a program to check for errors and plain old face -to-face conversation skills.


“Being successful is one of the most successful things that I want students for 2020. Being successful is important. Integrity is very, very important. For example, integrity means that you are not being trustworthy or honest.” She wants her students for 2020 to be honest and trustworthy. Another example of integrity is when we are doing pushups and she is focusing on another student, and not looking at you, she expects you to work either way.   

There’s a Place for Technology

Another way I want students to prepare for 2020 is for not using technology that much. I want students to communicate face to face. Because back then we didn’t have technology. We had to talk face to face with no cell phones. We had old telephones. When we had to dial the number we had to use our fingers in the hole where the holes are at. Also, when we dialed it and they didn’t respond they had to leave a message but they couldn’t do that on the old telephone. So they had to walk to their house and put a cassette tape ín their mailbox or anywhere that they could find it.

Vision 20/20

So the three things that I want for my 2020 students are: being successful, be honest and trustworthy, and to communicate face-to-face.                                                                          

Ms. Green not only teaches us about exercise, but she teaches us how to be well-rounded individuals.  Thank you, Ms. Green.


Ms. Green, Left; Viviana, Top Right; and Alessandra, Bottom Right
Viviana and Alessandra are two amazing 21st Century Communications students.

Green and Authors