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Supporting our Children's Mental Health 

Children everywhere are struggling with the effects of being isolated from their peers. As parents, we too are more isolated. How do we know whether changes we might be seeing in our children’s behavior during quarantine are “normal”? What can we be doing to help them cope with distance learning and the stresses of isolation? When is it time to seek help and what resources are available to support our children’s mental health? 

Pasadena Education Network recorded this virtual program on Saturday, Feb. 20 to help parents put these questions in perspective. We review the range of responses elementary-age children are having to being in quarantine and to distance learning, and share tips and strategies. We go over a list of signs and behaviors that may indicate it’s time to get your child additional help or support – and how to go about getting that support. 

Watch the videoClick here for a post with links to presentation materials and resources - plus tips & suggestions.