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Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow Poster Contest Winners

Pasadena Unified School District has launched Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow, an annual year-long campaign that brings students and their families, schools, public agencies, and community partners together to improve school attendance. The District’s goal is to raise attendance to 97 percent this year.
Here are the winners of the Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow poster contest:
  • Kindergarten: Avery Cardella from Ms. Spigai's Class
  • 1st Grade: Victoria Landry from Ms. Richey's class
  • 2nd Grade:Chase Cole from Ms. Chaparian's class
  • 3rd Grade: Arundhati Marchetti fro Ms. Munoz's Class
  • 4th Grade: Tiffany Fink from Ms. Covington's class
  • 5th Grade: Katerina Carr from Ms. Sibbrel's class