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Congratulations to the following events who received a metal!!
Boomilever—Megan Tse and Sienna Ng --- 1st place
Disease Detectives—Gwendolyn Lopez and Zachary Kriebs--- 5th places
Experimental Design---Gwendolyn Lopez, Zachary Kriebs and Annika Bullock--- 5th places
Fossils—Chloe Vuong and Morgan Gaskell—3rd places
Heredity—Morgan Gaskell and Annika Bullock—6th places
Herpetology—Morgan Gaskell and Apor Volkan-Kacs—4th places
Potions and Poisons—Adeline Peterson and Chloe Vuong—4th places
Solar Systems—Annika Bullock &Zalan Volkan-Kacs—5th places
Write It Do It——Chloe Vuong & Megan Tse—5th places
Our all over score ---6th place. 
The 2019 Southern California State Science Olympiad Tournament will be Saturday, April 6,2019 hosted by Caltech and Polytechnic School. 
Additional practices schedule—will provide to you later.


Please visit our SMMS Science Olympiad Shutterfly page for up to date information.