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New Student Enrollment During School Closure

As you aware Pasadena High School is currently closed through May 28th.  We have put the following in place to handle new student enrollment.

Students currently enrolled at Eliot, McKinley, Sierra Madre, Wilson or Washington Middle Schools

If Pasadena High School is your home school or you enrolled at Pasadena High School with a permit during the 1st round of Open Enrollment you received an email on Friday, March 27th and your student received an email on Monday, March 30th.

If you attend a school other than one of the schools listed above and reside in the Pasadena High School attendance zone we have some enrollment options:

You can print these enrollment foms, fill them out and email forms and required documents to  Once the documents are received one of our counselors will contact you regarding course programming for the 2020-2021 school year.

These items need to be printed, filled out and returned to with the required documents listed at the bottom of this page.

These items are for your information and do not need to be returned


If you are unable to print and/or scan the foms back the forms can be mailed to you. An address to return the foms will be included in the packet that is mailed to you.  If you need foms mailed to you please email You will need to return the completed forms and the required documents listed below.

Required Documents to be returned.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunizations Records
  • Current gas, water or electic bill
  • If you rent - a rental/lease agreement
  • If you own - a mortgage or property tax statement
  • Copy of parent's photo ID
  • Academic Records - we will request official records once the school year is over but would appreciate any records you have access to. 
  • IEP - If student has an IEP please include
  • 504 Plan - If student has a 504 Plan please include