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Turkey Tussle 2016 Most Valuable Player: To be Selected at the End of the Game ~ Muir High School vs. Pasadena High School

Picture of a trophy At the end of the 70th Annual Turkey Tussle football game on November 4th, the Pasadena Unified School District recognized the first recipient of the Austin M. Lacy MVP Award. To honor and celebrate Austin’s life, this new perpetual trophy will proudly be displayed at Pasadena High School. Each year, a new name will be added to the perpetual trophy. 

Austin was a versatile Senior Football player who played a number of positions: linebacker, defensive end, and full back.  Austin was an extraordinary student athlete who unpredictably passed away on June 3rd 2011, at the age of 17. His determination, stamina, and character will be represented each year by selecting the Turkey Tussle’s most valuable player at the end of the game. Austin lived by a powerful motto: “Not Easily Broken!”